Preventive Maintenance

What is HVAC Preventative Maintenance? Having your commercial & industrial HVAC units and all their components thoroughly inspected on a regular basis, will ensure that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our qualified service technicians can monitor and diagnose any potential issues before they become a major problem.

Rooftop Units (RTUs)

As with other types of air conditioner units, rooftop units need regular maintenance. While maintenance cannot prevent all air conditioning failures, it can help you avoid sudden repairs and unexpected outages by giving technicians the opportunity to spot potential problems before they happen. Schedule regular maintenance each season. Our HVAC technicians will inspect the outside unit and clean its air intake system and inlet screens if they are clogged or dirty, replace your indoor filters, clean your coils, inspect your fans, check your coolant levels, and inspect all of your wiring and belts. Any suggested maintenance or repairs are explained with upfront pricing and the reasons that the replacements are being suggested. 


If you operate a chiller, you already know that it is a sophisticated piece of equipment – one that takes a special type of technician to maintain. Upchurch Services technicians have been trained and certified to service and repair all types of chillers, regardless of manufacturer, size, or compressor configuration. 


When you need boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, or boiler installation, Upchurch Services has you covered. We can service any brand of boiler. We are fully staffed with experienced mechanics and expert technicians to ensure prompt service and minimize customer downtime. We assist our customers with system selection, maintenance, and repair.

Cooling Towers

At Upchurch Services, we bring knowledge of all types of cooling towers. From fiberglass towers to field-erected towers, we’re experts in more than conventional construction techniques. Our ability to extend the life and efficiency of your cooling tower is where our expertise benefits you the most.


HVAC Pumps have many applications, the structures served by HVAC products and systems include data centers, manufacturing, office and apartment buildings, retail, sports complexes, central heating/chiller plants, hospitals, schools, and green building projects. Upchurch Services can repair, rebuild, redesign, or upgrade your HVAC Pump to get it back in service as quickly as possible with the reliability that you expect.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Understanding what VRF is and the benefits for customers is essential not just for HVAC contractors, but for building professionals and mechanical contractors, too. We are dedicated to customizing the best VRF solutions for your business and your customers.

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

A computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit is a device that monitors and maintains the temperature, air distribution and humidity in a computer room or data center. As more equipment is squeezed into IT spaces, it is more important than ever to ensure that each component of the support infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency and reliability. The failure of a CRAC unit can lead to downtime, which of course means a loss of service and that can translate into a loss of money and often times a loss of customers. To maximize the efficiency and maintain the consistency of your computer room air conditioning, it is important to develop and stick to a long-term service plan that includes preventive maintenance and optimization of the precision cooling system.